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We offer exclusive training on Java / Business Analyst / Quality Assurance Analyst / Performance Testing for the individuals who are planning to build, switch to, or elevate up to another
Level in IT-career. Come, join us and land on the project within the shortest possible time.
We identify your skill & zeal and train you with industry standard contemporary
core tools, technologies, methodologies, models & peripherals. Besides, we put
You on Domain-based job customization training, such as Health Care HIPAA / EDI compliance training for your marketability and sustainability.
Why us?
Our trainers are IT- savvy Java/Project Manager/QA Manager/Performance Test
Engineer/ with over 15 years of real-world experience, working with fortune
500 universe.
We provide no-cost residential facility onsite for students outside of NJ/DE/PA.
JAVA/J2EE Training
JAVA is one of the best programming languages created ever. Java, as an Object Oriented Programming language has gained strength every passing day in last twenty years, and will
be stronger enough to live. JAVA is elsewhere. More and more applications are going to
mobile, hand-held and palm-held devices. Java ME has become popular in mobile devices.
Google's Android operating system uses the Java language. The Java platform has become
the main development platforms for many software tools and mainstay of enterprise IT
development since the introduction of J2EE.
Learning Java will help you handle Selenium Web automation testing and Performance testing
with Java open source. So, learn JAVA and make yourself an indispensable QA Test Engineer.
We offer JAVA and J2EE extensive training in two-folds format:
JAVA Training
The Java Technology Phenomenon
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Language Basics
Classes and Objects
Interfaces and Inheritance
Numbers and Strings
The Platform Environment
Collections and Interfaces
JAVA Project.
Class : Three days a week
Hours: Two(2) hours per day X 3 days per week = 6 hours per week X 6 weeks = 36 hours training.
Onsite and Online Training.
J2EE Training
J2EE Overview
Enterprise Java Beans
Web Clients and Components
Java Servlet Technology
Java Server Pages Technology
JavaBeans Components in JSP Pages
Custom Tags in JSP Pages
Resource Connections
J2EE project
Class : Three days a week
Hours: Two(2) hours per day X 3 days per week = 6 hours per week X 6 weeks = 36 hours training.
Onsite and Online Training.
Learn & update BA/QA/Performance Testing Fast track your career into rewarding IT field.
For more information Call: SK @ 609-642-2798 / 347-658-4267
RS @ 609-301-4646
Email: training@masterexinc.com

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